Shanti tagged me on this post and while I briefly debated calling her derogatory names for a chain-letter inclusion, I then remembered that it’s NaBloPoMo and I really have nothing better to write. And she gave me the gift of material! Whoo. She now can remain as one of my favorite commenters … for now. [Cue foreshadowing music. And witch cackle. The world needs more witch cackles, I think. Ok, maybe not, that would get annoying.]  (And I kid about Shanti, I do think she is pretty great).

ANYWAY Seven weird things:

1.  When driving and I am lost or running late or almost might not make the stoplight, I turn down my radio. To concentrate.

2.  My stomach is dotted with four (tiny) scars from a laparoscopic surgery; I used to charge my mom 25-cents each time she wanted to inspect them. It was a fair price.

3.  I do not like corn in any derivative (polenta and cornbread included) except on the cob, but only sometimes and only in the summer, preferably at the cabin.

4.  When home alone, I am too scared of the dark to sleep in my bed, so I fall asleep on the couch. On the couch, the bad guys won’t get me because they require lonely girls to be soundly sleeping with a false sense of security before breaking-in for raping and murdering and general pillaging. With my plan, they instead spend the evening waiting outside my window for my day’s retirement, but since I never go to my bedroom, I have foiled their plans ONCE AGAIN.

5.  Grocery stores and bookstores give me an odd sense of solace. Even when I am not buying anything, I wander to think and marvel over all of the choices. 

6.  Although I hate when people wear perfume at the gym, I spray myself with perfume before running at home, alone, on my treadmill. When I am sweaty and wheezing and feeling completely unattractive, I can convince myself the extra cocktails are not worth the extra twenty minutes … but the feminine scent encourages me that yes, they totally are.

7.  I would rather buy new clothes than do laundry. When excessively lazy, I stop at Old Navy or Gap to see what’s on sale for extremely cheap because even if it’s not my new favorite shirt, it’s still better than all that work that involves having a machine clean my clothes.

As I am too lazy to link to your site, please let me know if you do find seven weird things about yourself. Because quirks make me like you. Honestly.