On Sundays, my loftiest goal is the gathering of bed sores.  Even right now, I tire at sitting upright at this computer, thinking of clever or, who am I kidding, just coherent sentences.  Hot damn, that’s so much work.  The mere thought exhausted me so much earlier that I had to nap. 

On Sundays, I prefer nappage between each activity.  Breakfast, Nap, Target, Nap, Read, Nap, Dinner, Nap. 

I am what one calls motivated. 

If this was Saturday, I could maybe find some interesting tidbit to share, like how my sister told a cute boy last night that although she is smarter than she looks, I am the opposite.  WHAT.  Thanks, Sister.  Or maybe perchance my experience at the bar last night where my greatest fears were possibly coming true. 

Or shit, just make up something?  To pretend my life is interesting?  Oh ha ha, I would never do that, don’t worry, Internet, my life is totally interesting ALWAYS.  You should wish to be me, my life is so glamorous.  (Pathetic side note: I put an extra “u” in glamorous until I sang Fergie Ferg in my head, Thank GOD her annoying songs are worth something, she at least teaches us how to spell.)

ANYWAY today is not Saturday, today is Sunday.  And, with it being The Lord’s Day, I think that even typing could be considered sacreligious and, therefore, I am going back to bed.  It’s part of my schedule: Blog, Nap, TV, Nap.  Sorry, Internet, I love you and wish I could be interesting, but I don’t make the rules.