He told me just to see my reaction.

I have no idea if I gave him a reaction because when he said, “[Our mutual middle-aged friend] just asked me ‘So, when are you going to ask Molly out?’”, my stomach flipped and I walked away.

Of course, I walked away. It’s what I do. I avoid until I can control how I will react. I might have blushed, I might have smiled, I might have rolled my eyes –quite possibly all three— I really have no idea what uncontrolled reaction I had before I walked away.

He’s attractive. Before I knew his personality, I once described him as baseball hot –or newscaster hot. Tall, thin, blond, clean-cut, dresses well.

When I returned, the subject had been dropped, though not forgotten, and we went to the bar to play pool and drink beer.

When sufficiently drunk and [our mutual middle-aged friend] was mentioned, I saw my opening and (because I am a whore like this) said, “[Our mutual middle-aged friend] might want you to ask me out, but [our mutual middle-aged friend]’s wife doesn’t think you’re good enough for me.”

He looked down at himself in astonishment as if to say, um have you seen me?  My comment was completely unnecessary and unfair and ridiculous … but meant to be somewhat of a challenge and to maybe to knock his confidence a few pegs.

Besides, I wanted to see his reaction.