His most attractive quality was how much he loved his wife.

He smiled when he spoke of her, she was beautiful and at home pregnant with their second daughter, and he had no doubt in the world that she was his gift from God even if he, with all of his faults, “didn’t deserve even three minutes of her time.” 

His second most attractive quality was his Irish accent.  Accents make my little stomach all a-flutter.  Deservedly, my questions were not asked to listen to his answers, but to hear the lilt of his voice.  He, however, was not interested in talking.

He was interested in me talking.  More specifically, talking about my love life and why I, unlike my horny, drunken peers, was sitting in a darkened corner with a dark beer, talking to him, a man completely in love with his wife.  He asked if I had ever been in love and if the love was deserved.  I said that I thought so, but sometimes college drinking took higher priority in his life and maybe we had just met too young.

He called my answer bullshit; I laughed and asked if he could please call it ‘blarney’ to maintain my infatuation with his Irish cadence. 

He told me that I was at my peak stage of attraction, which was (somewhat) offensive but (probably) true at the age of 22, and I should be using my god-given good looks to sleep with a lot of men, especially since I was not always going to be thin and I should bring the boys ’round while I still look good naked.  At my ripened early-twenties age, I should have had many stories about loves lost and hearts broken. 

“Are you really an Irish Catholic promoting casual sex?  And LOTS of it?”

“God made it pleasurable for a reason, love.  We only live once.  Do you really want to arrive at the pearly gates and ask for a do-over?  No, you want to say, ‘Thank you for the gift of life, I may have made mistakes, but I learned from them and I had so much fun.  I appreciate every second you gave me and I hope you are proud of what I made of it.’  And God will nod and be thankful you did not waste his gift of life.  Because so many people do.  Live now, so when you’re old like me, you won’t have any other distractions.”

He then kissed my forehead before leaving to call his wife.