While the doctor was x-raying my spine, he asked, “So, have you always been this high strung?”

What? High strung? Me? Psshaw. Are you kidding? Dude, I am chill. I am definitely not high strung. Totally laid back. Doc, are you paying attention to all these deep breaths I am taking? –not a care in the world.

It’s laughable for him to have even suggested it.

And I still hadn’t forgiven him at this point for asking me if I had ever been DROPPED ON MY HEAD AS A CHILD. Nice. Lovely. Thanks. (Even though I, apparently, had been, but that is IRRELEVANT.) One would think he would be trying to get on my good side, especially since he tells me I need a lot of work and my issues are quite pronounced.

Winning major points, Doc.

I may be a tinge unstable but high strung? Surely not.

But just to assure myself, I asked my Work Boyfriend for his opinion.

He laughed. Not a good sign.

“So the doctor nailed you down after what, four minutes of meeting you?”

Hmm. A pattern developing?

I explained that ‘high strung’ was not a adjective I enjoyed and supported. Work Boyfriend asked if ‘intense’ could be a suitable substitution.

Intense is worse.

“Mol, I like to think I know you fairly well. You’re just a passionate person. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just who you are.”

Passionate? Getting better. Do more with that. Not that I was obsessing or being intense in this search, mind you, but as I was DROPPED ON MY HEAD AS A CHILD, I really don’t think I can control my reactions.

I was fairly impressed by the Work Boyfriend’s following response. He said, “You just do not live life half-assed. You live completely and put passion into every aspect. The intensity is actually an admirable trait.”

The Work Boyfriend, who used to work in PR, must have learned a trick or two in damage control and diplomacy, making him quite qualified in his field. The Chiropractor, however, I have my doubts.