“And then he literally asked if I had ever been dropped on my head as a child.  Um, ARE YOU KIDDING?  I was almost offended.”

“How did you answer?”

“Um, no?  Because you would have mentioned something like that?”

“Well … well, yeah, but it was really no big deal those few times.  You’re made of sturdy stock.”

“… excuse me?”

“Really, no big deal.  Here, let’s ask your father … Was Mol ever dropped on her head?”

“Well … Not dropped, really.  You just liked to roll around so much, sometimes you’d just be poof! off the bed.  We tried to keep tabs on you, but you were so independent, constantly moving.  Didn’t cry too much though — definitely sturdy stock.”

“Plus, you know, we were both into boozin those days, two kids is stressful.”

“Oh, wine.  And that’s probably what led to child number three.”

“Please tell me you’re both kidding.”