My loser-iety embarrasses even myself sometimes. 

I didn’t dress up, or even go out, for Halloween.  I did, however, get drunk.  Do I at least get partial cool points for that?  Halloween used to involve rioting, now it involves movies. Gag. Blah.

The friends that wanted me out with them were the guy friends (The Kid’s ex-roommates) from college and when I hang out with them, I miss him, so I figured I would just not put myself in that position.  Instead I was a loser.  But a loser watching a movie and sharing a bottle of wine.  Ok, two bottles.  But I didn’t call him.  Not on Friday, not on Saturday … but on Sunday?  I called to say congratulations.  He screened my call, I left a voicemail.  And then I stayed up half the night reorganizing my closet and sorting through clothes trying to not think about how much that hurt.  At least Goodwill comes out the winner –if Goodwill, you know, likes really ugly, dusty stuff from six years ago.  Which I think it does.