“So he called again today.”

“Didn’t he just call you three days ago?”

“Yeah, but he wanted to ask me about my day.”

“Like, just because he was curious?  What guy does that.”

“I know.  And then get this: he asked about my test.”

“Because you included it as part of your day and he asked the follow-up how’d it go?”

“Logical assumption — and he would’ve totally gotten points for follow-up questions, but no.  I never mentioned it.  He remembered it from the conversation three days ago.”

“SHUT.  UP.  So he was paying attention three days ago?  And then remembered to call?  Was he drunk and wanting to get laid?”

“No … I think he was just being nice?  I don’t know, this is like nothing I’ve encountered before, he might be an alien. I just don’t know what to do with this.  We might need to stop seeing each other.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.”