I went to undergrad with The Kid From Boston’s current roommate.  He traveled to Prague with me, he’s cynical as all hell, and he makes me laugh with the most random ideas (“Quick, Mol, pretend to be heaving and puking so The Kid gets off the phone faster”).  He’s one of my favorite guy friends, which makes it a little difficult these days to remain tight with him since the situation between the three of us is … complicated.  Because I refuse to call him by the logical name “The Kid’s Roommate” –he is much more than that –he, therefore, shall be dubbed: Best Guy Friend #1. 

We had a chat today; unusual as he is normally very reserved about discussing the … situation and I never want to put him in that position.  Do I want to know?  GOD YES.  Do I ask?  I honestly try not to.  Nice that I betray his confidence to the Internet.  My excuse?  It broke my heart and I need to share with someone, someone who doesn’t know any of us.  Blissful anonymity.

BGF#1: you should move in next door, that would be hilarious

me: and not at all awkward.  totally play oblivious, “why hello bastard who broke my heart and slutty little whore, i’ve come to ask to borrow a cup of sugar” OR I could just become best friends with her and have her introduce me to The Kid.

BGF#1: you could just act like you didnt know him, but i dont think you should be friends with her, she’s crazy

me: she still constantly underfoot?

BGF#1: oh god — not necessarily at our place, but i swear they are tethered together with a 6 foot invisible rope*

me: are they happy

BGF#1: well i assume but this is getting into territory i’d rather not go into

me:  i know, i’m sorry … he still calls me crying.

BGF#1: he calls you? what does he say

me: that he’s miserable.  i wonder if she ever wonders about me.

BGF#1: i dont know, i feel like he and i have lost touch.  ive kind of lost respect for him and lost trust, it doesnt necessary have anything to do with you, just how he would treat someone like that.

Especially heartbreaking that their friendship was ruined because of all this.  Unnecessary bullshit.  Sometime, when I am stronger, I will tell stories about why The Kid made me so happy and how he made me laugh.  Because even now, regardless of how much I hate him or how much he deserves it, I can’t bear that you, Internet, hate him too.  I think I am still waiting for my best friend to come back.  Fucking pathetic.

*boldness mine.  This is the part where I started to cry.